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The Braveground Collection is inspired by the origin of life. The human body is highlighted in this dynamic movement. In a world of evolving conditions, fashion and technology, the Art Collection takes us back through time to our basic form. It celebrates an organic raw colour palette ,embracing shadow and light. Inspired by the beginning of mankind through Mythology and Ancient beliefs.



Grace Lyons

I'm a self-taught Artist who is passionate about painting the human body in all its wonders. I have a studio share based in the historic Old Train Station in Scarborough.

I live in North Yorkshire with my four daughters and husband after moving from South Africa in 2016.

Painting has helped me channel my emotions and energy into creating something constructive that expresses my perception.

In February 2022, I decided to pursue my passion and become a full-time Artist. 

As a student in Art history with focus on Religious artifacts, Sculpture and Architecture, I have long wanted to combine my interests with my spiritual journey to form artwork that speaks to our natural inner self without background noise or distraction. I love that the figures in my art could be anyone from any period. The classic style with a new technique to show 'the self' in its primitive raw state. 



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